All dishes are vegan

(GF) - Gluten Free (please advise our waitstaff of your intolerance as we use the same cooking oil for some dishes)

(GF*) - Requires modification

(N) - contains nuts

Please note all of our dishes are cooked on the same equipment, therefore, they are all likely to contain traces of nuts



Tempura Seaweed w dried blackbean seasoning (GF) - 6

Edemame and coconut money bags (GF*) - 14.5

Steamed leek and ginger dumplings w chilli soy and plum sauce - 13.5

Kratongtong crispy wanton wrappers filled w water chestnut, peanuts, pineapple, coconut jam and fresh herbs (N) - 12

Kale and smoked eggplant gyoyza w citrus drizzle - 14.5

Steamed greens in chilli, garlic and ginger, w fresh bean sprouts & Asian herbs (GF) - 12


Pan-fried Roti w massaman curry, fresh cucumber, chilli and coriander - 14

Korean fried brocollini w sticky sour chilli sauce toasted coconut and crushed almonds (GF, N) - 15.5

San choy bao w crispy rice, tofu, fresh herbs, bamboo and fried shallots (GF, N) - 16.5

Beer battered zucchini flowers stuffed w Japanese purple potato, thai black rice, walnuts & wasabi, served w chilli mayo, green apple slaw & davidson plum sauce (GF*, N)  - 21.5

Crispy tofu w green papaya, Asian herbs and toasted peanut salad (GF, N) - 17.5

Spiced cauliflower w miso satay (N) - 15.5


Seared king brown mushroom & soba noodle salad w nori seaweed, crispy buckwheat, Asian herbs, pickled red ginger & peanuts (N)  - 18.5

Banana peppers stuffed w shitaki mushrooms, bamboo, tofu and cashew cream, served on coriander mash and finished w kaffir lime and Penang curry (GF, N) - 19.5

Vegetable Prik King sambal w crispy silken tofu, Chinese broccoli & asparagus (GF, N) - 19.5

Panko broccoli w bbq red curry, topped w fennel and coconut salad w green chilli & yuzu dressing - 17.5


Passionfruit and cashew cheesecake with an almond and pecan crust. Topped w kombucha jam and served w lime & pineapple sorbet (GF,N) - 14.5

Sweet potato doughnuts w coconut custard, matcha crumbs and watermelon sorbet (N) - 14.5

Sticky pecan & date pudding w butterscotch sauce, fresh berries & coconut ice cream (N) - 14.5

Apple, rhubarb and lychee crumble served with coconut ice cream, butterscotch sauce and mixed berries  - 14.5

Coconut ice cream, lime and pineapple or watermelon sorbet ($4 a scoop) - 4

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